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MOC-173164-1: Container Bundle 2 Logistic & Equipment

MOC-173164-1: Container Bundle 2 Logistic & Equipment

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Hi, here's 2 of 4 Instructions Bundles that I've created for the Diorama, Vignette or Large Scale MOC builders that need various Equipment and Containers or inspiration to build these essentials for "world building" in Lego Star Wars creations.

This "Logistic & Equipment" Bundle includes commodities and vehicles for proper terrain and base daily operations.

Front Row from Left to Right:
1x Shuttle
1x Shuttle Passenger (4) Trailer
1x Shuttle Cargo/Utility Trailer

Rear Row from Left to Right:
1x Boarding Staircase
1x Mobile Short and Long Range Communication Station/Relay
1x Weapon Rack
1x Air/Space Traffic Command Center
1x Portable Power Pack

All Equipment and Vehicles are made with parts that are widely available and priced reasonably, exception being the Modified Plate w/TowBall in Dark Blueish Gray (3) for the Shuttle Kit, I suggest changing the condition to "used" in your BrickLink Wanted List and you'll find it easily for pennies.

I ask a small 2.00$USD for these instructions as despite the look, some of these items include great techniques are an excellent learning tools for your own creations. 

Once all published these 4 bundles will includes 32 different models of Containers, Accessories and Logistics Equipment, for a total of approximately 1000 pieces. A truly complete suite to bring life and character to your projects. All wrapped in comprehensive and professional instructions with curated parts selection for availability and price in mind.

Hope you see the values in these models.


Type: MOC
Designer: GrindingBricks Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Star Wars
Pieces: 288
Year: 2024

If you would like to purchase instructions separately, you can do so here.

You can find a full partslist and price breakdown here.
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