LEGO® and Ferrari Trucks

LEGO® and Ferrari Trucks

Every car's gotta be transported. And it turns out LEGO® has a lot of Ferraris. These scale from micro scale, to minifig scale, to Duplo, and feature opening rears all the way up to a fully detailed pit stop. They make great builds with fully detailed interiors, pull-back features, and unique minifigs.

My uncle has a huge collection of the Ferrari cars, both model and Lego, and I remember thinking it was so cool as a kid. Even now I still hold on to some Ferrari sets from before 2000. But maybe the best part is no matter how into cars you are or how much money's in your pocket, there's a set for you.

The sets shown here are 8185-1: Ferrari Truck, 8654-1: Scuderia Ferrari Truck, 8153-1: Ferrari F1 Truck 1:55, 75913-1: F14 T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck, 8155-1: Ferrari F1 Pit, 30191-1: Scuderia Ferrari Truck polybag, 4694-1: Ferrari F1 Racing Team, 1253-1: Shell Car Transporter, 8486-1: Mack's Team Truck, and 5816-1: Mack's Road Trip. If you're looking for these and more, head over to Happy building fellow racers!🏎

Photo Credits: The LEGO® Group
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