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Find the perfect MOC for you

  • Everything in one place

    Our site has almost every LEGO® Set ever made from 1945 to the present and almost every minifigure from those sets. We also have a stellar collection of MOCs from designers around the world.

  • Save hours to weeks of time

    Forget spending days putting together Bricklink carts, fighting the Rebrickable algorithm, and pieces going missing in the mail. Just add to cart and we'll do the rest - no learning curve and extra parts included!

  • Prices that don't change

    Remember seeing that set on Ebay, only for the listing to disappear the following day? Here, you can take your time buying - buy today, buy tomorrow, or save up for it. Our algorithms ensure we can almost always get what you're looking for, at a price we're confident in.

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  • Place your order

    Search through our catalog of thousands of LEGO® Sets and MOCs and add your favorites to cart!

  • We'll find a seller who has it

    Our algorithm searches across platforms like Bricklink, BrickOwl, and Ebay to get what you're looking for.

  • We'll ship it directly to you

    We pool your items into the fewest number of shipments and have our suppliers ship directly to you!

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