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MOC-102812-1: Imperial Lambda-class Shuttle

MOC-102812-1: Imperial Lambda-class Shuttle

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The Imperial Lambda-class Shuttle is one of my favorite vehicles in all of Star Wars! But while it's so elegant and well designed, I feel the last couple of versions released by LEGO leave something to be desired...
Some time ago I purchased a used 75094 Shuttle Tydirium set, which I think was really well done, but the proportions always bothered me. I know it was supposed to be a "play scale" set, but I fell the cockpit was too big and the main hull too small. After the release of the 75302 Imperial Shuttle set, I thought I could take some design ideas from the newest but smaller version in order to improve the model I had and fix those issues. Then I got carried away and practically redesigned the build from scratch.
My MOC version has a similar size to the 75094 set, but looks significantly more faithful to the ship it represents. It can fit two minifigs in the cockpit and four in the passenger section. It has retractable landing gear and a loading ramp, and honestly looks much better from the underside than the officially released versions. It is still a sturdy design, very swooshable and fun to play with, but I removed the spring-loaded shooters.
You can look at more pictures of the model (both rendered from and actually built) here, here, here and here.

Designer: Quarries Workshop Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Star Wars
Pieces: 970
Year: 2022

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