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  • NISB (New in Sealed Box)

    Sets in boxes or polybags that have never been opened and whose seals are not broken. New sets give you the experience of opening a set as its first owner.

  • Used Complete

    Sets where all parts are included and originally came in the same box, but sticker sheets, instruction manuals, and boxes are likely not available. Links to images of the sticker sheets and digital instructions can be found on your order email. These sets range from opened once to played with and built many times.

  • By The Part (Unique to MOCBoxing)

    Instead of buying all the parts of the set from one seller, the set inventory is broken up and the parts are grouped by seller to reduce the total cost. This guarantees all your parts will be there and tends to become a more affordable option as a set gets older.

Order Policies

Shipping To USA Only

While we are growing to meet worldwide demand, we currently only accept orders from the United States.

Shipping Times

We try our best to source all orders in a timely manner, and most orders arrive within 5-10 days. However, different suppliers have different policies and some orders may arrive later. If you have any concerns, please email us.

Free Shipping!

We offer free shipping on all orders over $100!

Return Policy

Since all orders are custom made for you, we are unable to accept any returns.

Customer Service

If you have any issues with your order, contact us or fill out the order problem form and we will talk with our suppliers or refund you the cost of the parts.

Rare Sets and Refunds

Please note that some sets are so rare that they may not be available from any resource at the time of your order. If an item is unavailable, the full value of the unavailable items will be refunded to you within 48 hours.

What's going on behind the scenes?

There's a lot going on behind the scenes! Every part of this diagram is a step we've taken out of the buying process to make sure you're getting the right product, with the right quality, at the right price. Now you can spend your time building instead of searching.

See what we have to offer

Our state of the art software is designed to look across multiple retailers and see what they're offering. We look at set descriptions, shipping countries, payment methods, surcharges - all of it. And then we bundle it up nicely into one cart. Now you can enjoy all your favorite sets at one price and know you're getting the quality you deserve. We're always improving our offerings so stay tuned to see what we do next!