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MOC-125952-1: 2Bricks Snow Speeder Accessories

MOC-125952-1: 2Bricks Snow Speeder Accessories

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This MOC is designed as an optional add-on for your 2bricks Snowspeeder build! The stand, which doubles as a storage container for the landing gear included with the snowspeeder build, and the harpoon and tow cable set up are designed to attach to the ship directly, giving you the ability to mount the ship at a couple of different, fun angles as well as attaching the tow cable to the back of the ship as seen in the movie, and lodge the harpoon somewhere in your AT-AT of choice! The 1.4FD P-Tower (or, radar dish gun thingy) is designed to be a stand alone side build to help flesh out your Hoth scene, and pays homage to the side build included with the original Lego Snowspeeder set 7130 from 1999!

Type: MOC
Designer: 2bricksofficial Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Star Wars
Pieces: 153
Year: 2022

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