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MOC-133524-1: Modular Old Wine Shop + Old Truck

MOC-133524-1: Modular Old Wine Shop + Old Truck

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If you're a fan of both Lego and wine, then you'll definitely want to check out my Wine Shop Building MOC. This cool model allows you to build your own wine shop, complete with everything you need to sell and serve your favorite vintages.
The model includes 2,958 pieces, including wine bottles, warehouse, and even a wine tasting on the barrels. I put a lot of emphasis to the detail in this model, with realistic detailed interior for the shop.
One of the best things about this model is that it's completely modular, meaning you can connect it to other Lego modular sets or any other modular model you have.
The build process for this model is also enjoyable, with clear instructions and a satisfying sense of accomplishment as you put everything together. Plus, the finished product is truly impressive, with a realistic and detailed exterior and interior.
Overall, the Wine Shop Building MOC is a must-have for any wine lover and Lego enthusiast. It's a fun and challenging build that results in a beautiful and detailed model that you'll be proud to show it in your home or office.

Some more details about the model:
On the first floor you will find the wine store, combined with a barrel warehouse that opens in the front and back

On the second floor you will find the store owner's bedroom + guest room.

On the third floor you will find another warehouse of all kinds of objects related to wine.

In addition, a model of an old red truck that transports the wine to the store is attached.

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Type: MOC
Designer: gabizon Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Modular Buildings
Pieces: 2958
Year: 2023

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