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MOC-152202-1: Common Room And Dorms - Magic School Modular MOCs Part 7

MOC-152202-1: Common Room And Dorms - Magic School Modular MOCs Part 7

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The next section of my modular Hogwarts build is here!! This part connects onto the previous section (The moving staircases, which can be found here: and ALMOST completes the Grand Staircase Tower! The next section that will sit on top of this one will contain The Headmaster's Office as well as the conical roof of the whole thing!

This part of the castle contains the Gryffindor Common Room and Dormitory, and boasts all of the details you would expect, from the comfy seating areas in front of the fireplace, to the portrait of the Fat Lady whom you must speak the password to. off to the side there is the Phoenix statue which is ready to rotate around and (in the movies at least) takes you up to Dumbledore's office. Above the Common Room sits the removable Dormitory section with 2 of the iconic 4-poster beds and recognizable accessories for Harry and Ron!

If you are enjoying the build so far, this next section should help immerse you even further, as now our heroes have a place to rest and relax when they aren't in class, or sneaking around and foiling the plans of he who must not be named!

Here is a list of the sticker sheets which I used in the set - these are optional but add a lot of authentic detail. I have listed them in order of importance (in my opinion) so you can decide for yourself if you want to purchase and add them!

sticker sheet for set 40577 - 1 sticker used (Fat Lady Portrait)
Sticker Sheet for set 75956 - 1 sticker used (Gryffindor large Banner)
sticker sheet NUMBER TWO for set 75978 - 1 sticker used (Red Quidditch Banner)
sticker sheet for set 76382 - 2 stickers used (Gryffindor scarves)
sticker sheet NUMBER FOUR for set 71043 - 1 sticker used (Gryffindor house banner)
sticker sheet for set 75968 - 1 sticker used (portrait of Harry's parents)
sticker sheet for set 76389 - 1 sticker used (Hogwarts Crest shield)
sticker sheet for set 76408 - 1 sticker used (Dark red Gryffindor shield)
sticker sheet NUMBER FOUR for set 75978 - 1 sticker used (Weasley joke product label)

Type: MOC
Designer: 2bricksofficial Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Harry Potter
Pieces: 1212
Year: 2023

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