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MOC-161451-1: The Ghost Ultimate Playset Ship By 2Bricks

MOC-161451-1: The Ghost Ultimate Playset Ship By 2Bricks

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*update #2* due to an error on my part very kindly brought to my attention by 2 users, I have made a small change to the part inventory and updated the instructions- there were 4 black 2x3 plates (part 3021) that had to be removed from the inventory (reducing the number from 12 to 8) meanwhile 2x2 black plate (part 3022) was increased from 4 to 8, and 1x2 black plate (part 3023) was increased from 26 to 30. my apologies for the error, which was made when attempting to reduce parts count for efficiency. The updated instructions are now live reflecting the change, and this will allow you to attach the back engine side plating properly.

The 2bricks Ghost - the long awaited and largest model I have ever produced is finally here! The VCX-100 Freighter more commonly known as The Ghost, was the mobile home base of the beloved heroes of Star Wars Rebels and now Ahsoka as well! The ship has also made appearances in Rogue One, The Rise of Skywalker making it one of the most recognizable symbols of The Rebellion! 
My rendition of the ship includes the full interior you would expect to see on any 2bricks model, from the cargo bay, through the various crew cabins (each containing unique details according to who inhabits them!), through to the galley and common area. The ship also sports well integrated spring loaded missiles in the correct spots, a geared mechanism to rotate the top bubble turret, the ability to dock either the Phantom 1 or 2 (instructions sold separately), and space to store huge amounts of cargo, speeder bikes or even a puffer pig or two (free instructions coming soon). With all of the removable sections allowing figures to be posed and played with on every level of the ship, and an incredible sturdy construction allowing for easy moving (or even swooshing!) of the ship, this truly is the ultimate play set for fans of the Ghost and its crew!
Dimensions: Length 26.1 inches, Width 20.2 inches, Height 9.6 inches. Piece count 4704
*PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ORDER PARTS* Included in the inventory is the generic, unprinted windshield dome part 4502248, but you can either change it to one of the printed variants to reflect the Ghost's unique markings (part 50747pr0009 from the original Ghost or part 50747pr0018 from the 2023 version) The reason I left it to the unprinted version is because the printed ones are wildly more expensive (part 50747pr0009 goes for around $90 US on bricklink) If you are lucky enough to already have a.Ghost set that you can pull from, you can just omit this part entirely, which even in unprinted form, is rather expensive at around $5 US on bricklink)

For More info about the model and how to use all of the features and functions, you can check out my video about it, and maybe drop me a like and subscribe while you're there! Thank you!

Type: MOC
Designer: 2bricksofficial Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Star Wars
Pieces: 4712
Year: 2023

If you would like to purchase instructions separately, you can do so here.

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