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MOC-166664-1: Universal Tall Stand Vertical "V-Angled"

MOC-166664-1: Universal Tall Stand Vertical "V-Angled"

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Here's a taller, sturdier, bigger stand to accommodate models in the medium to large size  (2000-3000) pieces, using the same highly stable base that was initially designed for my B-Wing stand instructions.

This stand is on all aspect the same than the "Flat" model but instead uses a clever angled model anchor point for more dynamic posing or models that have awkward weight distribution, i.e. TIE Interceptors or other front heavy ships.

The contact/anchor surface is small but with proper placement of the model and considering it's weight distribution this will offer a very sturdy Display Solution.


Type: MOC
Designer: GrindingBricks Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Star Wars
Pieces: 243
Year: 2023

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