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MOC-73066-1: Kitchens & Courtyard - Magic School Modular MOCs Part 3

MOC-73066-1: Kitchens & Courtyard - Magic School Modular MOCs Part 3

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The next huge MOC to add on to my Hogwarts Castle build series is here! The Kitchens, Courtyard and Mr Filch's Office make up this set, and it blends perfectly seamlessly with my custom Great Hall set!!
This set is designed to be the middle portion of the first major phase of Hogwarts Castle - underneath this set will be the Chamber Of Secrets, hidden inside the rocky cliffs that support the castle! 
Explore the fully detailed interior spaces of the castle, see what meals the House Elves are preparing in the various cooking areas of the kitchen, assemble the students in the courtyard to hear an important message, or watch the guest schools arrive for the Tri-Wizard Tournament! Mr Filch's office tower off to the side detaches, and the roof comes off to give you easy access to the tons of significant details inside! All of the interior spaces connect with one another and with the other internal spaces in the great hall, leaving nothing to the imagination, and feeling like a genuine space the figures can inhabit! 
This set, as with the great hall, does not include parts for any minifigures, but instead gives you the buildings to display any figures you already have!
Check out the Great Hall part 1 here:

Type: MOC
Designer: 2bricksofficial Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Harry Potter
Pieces: 1149
Year: 2021

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