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MOC-103935-1: Hummer 42126 + 42099 Alternative Design 4X4 With RC (Control+)

MOC-103935-1: Hummer 42126 + 42099 Alternative Design 4X4 With RC (Control+)

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When I build in the first time the 42099 model I thought how cool it was his design falls apart and allowed to drive only his base with the wheels.
Then I built the set 42126 and thought of myself how cool it will be if I would combine these two models like that I could replace the design on the base and create a very cool new design!
So this is what I did, I used the parts of the 42126 set and I created another design for St. 42099, and here you see the result :)
Hope you love it.

Technical details:
- Design works in Control + based on 42099 set.
- Width: 22.6cm
- Length: 39.3CM
- Height: 24.9cm

* The parts refer to the entire model, but those who buy the instructions will also receive a separate XML file only to parts from the 42126 (through which I built the alternative design).

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Type: MOC
Designer: gabizon Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Technic
Pieces: 1177
Year: 2022

If you would like to purchase instructions separately, you can do so here.

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