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MOC-125613-1: ZR-15 Imperial Remnants Speeder Bike

MOC-125613-1: ZR-15 Imperial Remnants Speeder Bike

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Welcome to the Grind-Verse!... ...or my "head canon" of Star Wars.

The ZR-15 is a compact and fast speeder bike that is built to take punishments in the harshest of conditions. 
The Imperials are now on the fringe of the outer rims territories where they face new factions that oppose more resistance than what the previous reports mentionned. Establishing won't be an easy task.

Thanks for checking out my creation! If you build it, find and tag me on Instagram @grindingbricks

Type: MOC
Designer: GrindingBricks Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Star Wars
Pieces: 79
Year: 2022

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