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MOC-126720-1: Mini Wall E And Eve Diorama!

MOC-126720-1: Mini Wall E And Eve Diorama!

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My small scale Wall-E and EVE diorama is designed to capture the fun, whimsy and romance of Pixar's beautiful film in a model that you can comfortably put on your desk or a small shelf! The two figures are designed to be removed, played with and posed in a variety of ways (Wall-E more so then EVE, just by virtue of his design), and the set contains a few little easter eggs and nods to the movie, with the inclusion of the plant-in-a-boot, and the little green light indicating EVE has found a sample (represented with a trans-green round tile that you can place on her chest) as well as the cooler Wall-E takes with him to store precious items in. Wall-E has working treads, pose-able arms that can be anchored in two different spots, adjustable eyes, head, neck, and has the ability to tilt back and forth slightly, allowing him a great deal of expressiveness overall! As with all of my models I tried to strike the perfect
 balance between aesthetics, posing, strength, and not to rely on any insanely rare or expensive parts - happy building!
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Type: MOC
Designer: 2bricksofficial Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Disney
Pieces: 314
Year: 2022

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