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MOC-131106-1: T-65 X Wing

MOC-131106-1: T-65 X Wing

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I'm very proud to share my T-65 X-Wing MOC, partly based on the 75301 X-Wing Starfighter. This project evolved a lot over the years, going through many iterations until finally reaching this point, where I'm happy both with the looks and the functionality of the s-foils mechanism.

The model takes some superficial inspiration from Jerac's/BrickVault's version for the nose and front half of the hull, but very simplified and with a completely redesigned structure to make it sturdier and easier to assemble, while not relying on illegal techniques and very rare parts. The wings and rear half of the hull are mostly inspired on 75301, but improving some key points:

1. I redesigned the s-foils mechanism, using the basic principle from 75301. It works in the same way, by pressing a part to open the wings, but it's greatly reduced in size and hidden under "greebling";
2. The redesign of the mechanism also reduces the gap between the wings while closed to about half a plate (and they don't wobble as much as 75301's);
3. The redesign also gets rid of the Technic axles that went under the astromech slot and forced R2-D2 to stick way out of its place. Now the little droid can sit down properly.

Other features of the MOC include more detailed controls and seat for the pilot, as well as retractable landing gear! The model is very swooshable and sturdy (although the tips of the lasers can pop off easily).

The MOC uses 625 parts, and 261 of them are found in set 75301, so if you can get the set at a discount, it may be worth it to get some of the more specialized parts, as well as the sticker sheet. Here's a list of the extra parts you'll need if you own set 75301.

Click here for more pictures of the model or here for a look at the working mechanism.

Your support by purchasing these instructions is highly appreciated, as it's very important to allow me to keep building and designing new MOCs!

Designer: Quarries Workshop Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Star Wars
Pieces: 619
Year: 2022

If you would like to purchase instructions separately, you can do so here.

You can find a full partslist and price breakdown here.
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