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MOC-145138-1: Soda Stand

MOC-145138-1: Soda Stand

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I created a vibrant and captivating soda stand that is sure to draw in customers and leave them impressed. The stand is crafted with colorful building blocks that combine to form a unique and eye-catching design.

The stand features a sleek and modern design, the stand is equipped with all the necessary elements to serve refreshing sodas to thirsty customers, including a cooler to keep drinks cold, a dispenser to serve drinks, and a collection of cups and straws.
The color scheme of your soda stand is playful and inviting, featuring a bright and cheerful mix of blue, magneta, and white.

Overall, in the soda stand was a attempt to be creativity and give attention to detail. It is a standout piece that is sure to attract attention and leave a lasting impression on all who see it. With its fun and lively design, it is the perfect addition to any city.

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Type: MOC
Designer: gabizon Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: City
Pieces: 152
Year: 2023

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