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MOC-154201-1: Renault Magnum (1990 And 1997)

MOC-154201-1: Renault Magnum (1990 And 1997)

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The Renault Magnum was a revolutionary truck introduced in 1990, because it had unique design features (like flat floor cab). I have included instructions for 2 versions: 1990 design and 1997 restyling. I'm planning to release also the latest restyling - it is already in progress. The parts list uploaded on MOCBoxing and Rebickable refers to the "1990 version" only. The parts list for the 1997 version is included at the end of the pdf instructions. My model is in 1:21 scale (like all my other truck models - "Mack scale") and has the following functions:
- Hand of God steering
- Fake engine
- Tilting cab (by removing 2 axles - see picture carousel)
- Opening doors.   
The models have been test-built in real life. A sample instructions page is shown at the end of the product photos.

Type: MOC
Designer: technicprojects Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Technic
Pieces: 987
Year: 2023

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