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MOC-156733-1: A/SF-01 B Wing Starfighter

MOC-156733-1: A/SF-01 B Wing Starfighter

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The rebel B-Wing is my favorite Star Wars ship, even though it gets only a few seconds of screen time in the original trilogy. The unusual shape is what makes it memorable to me, and it's also what makes it a challenge to render in LEGO form.

My B-Wing MOC has evolved during the last 4 years, and it went through at least 3 significantly different iterations while I experimented with techniques to achieve what I thought were the essential details. I'm very proud of this model, as it was designed pretty much from scratch.

With the B-Wing, as with most of my MOCs, I strived for a balance between fidelity to the original material and respect to the characteristics of a LEGO toy. This is not meant to be a "UCS" type of model, and is significantly smaller than most of the MOCs of the ship I've seen on the web. It's still "minifig scale", or maybe I should say it's "play scale", as it scales very well to my X-Wing MOC, which is almost the same size as set 75301.

Features of this MOC include the essential rotating cockpit (which fits a pilot minifig and even has a flight stick) and the folding "wings" or s-foils. It also has a retractable landing gear, as shown in the pictures I'll link to below.

The model is very sturdy and swooshable, but does not stand on its own, so there are instructions included for a stand. Most of the parts used for this build are small and very common, and you can study the instructions to see which ones will be "hidden" and can be used in any color. There are only a few "rare" parts, but the technic slopes used for the stand can very easily be replaced by an assembly of technic bricks, plates and slopes, and the new 3x3 curved pieces in light bluish gray will certainly become cheaper as they get more common (surely after a couple are included in the latest clone battle pack).

For more images of the MOC, see here, here and here. For pictures of the actual built model, see here and here.

Type: MOC
Designer: Quarries Workshop Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Star Wars
Pieces: 896
Year: 2023

If you would like to purchase instructions separately, you can do so here.

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