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MOC-167186-1: Ahsoka's T-6 Shuttle MOD

MOC-167186-1: Ahsoka's T-6 Shuttle MOD

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Here is my modification of the Ahsoka's T-6 Jedi Shuttle. This is a significant redesign of set 75362, and while it uses most of the pieces on the set, it also requires a lot of extra parts not included. If you own the set, you can see what parts you will need by using the Rebrickable feature that allows you to compare parts lists.

The original set has a few shortcomings that I tried to fix in this modification:
- Symmetrical wings: The rotating wings are great, but the original set had pretty much nothing but the underside of plates on the opposite side. In this version, the wings are completely symmetrical on both sides (or between top and bottom);
- Passengers: The original set had only space for the pilot minifigure, which I felt was very disappointing in a shuttle. This version can fit two more minifigs inside the main hull, and even has an access ramp on the side;
- Size: I felt the original set was too small, so I increased the size in a few studs on the wings and main hull. It still isn't what we call "minifig scale" (for that you'd need a huge UCS style model), but it looks more in scale to other larger ships in play scale, such as my Ghost MOC.

Instructions and parts list also include a stand that allows the model to be displayed in the vertical configuration, looking much better on a shelf.

For more pictures of the model, see here and here.

If you decide to purchase these instructions, you have my most heartfelt thanks, as your support allows me to keep designing and building new models.

P.S.: Due to a bug while exporting the PDF, some of the arrows on the instructions are not showing properly. I apologize for that, but wasn't able to find a fix or workaround, and I hope the steps are still easy to follow despite this.

Designer: Quarries Workshop Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Star Wars
Pieces: 1021
Year: 2023

If you would like to purchase instructions separately, you can do so here.

You can find a full partslist and price breakdown here.
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