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MOC-171117-1: The Razor Crest

MOC-171117-1: The Razor Crest

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This is my Razor Crest MOC, a "play scale" model in similar size of the 2020 set 75292. It is a model that has evolved very slowly over the years. It started as set 75292 with some modifications, mostly adding details to the interior, and later redesigning the engines and front of the ship. The major leap happened under influence of a version from creator Edge of Bricks, but I eventually redesigned it entirely from scratch, using a miniature from the X-Wing board game as reference, although you can still see some "dna" from that version in the nose and engine intakes. The result is a model that has a lot of interior space for play, and while it isn't quite "minifigure scale" - that would make it as big as the UCS version - it still has a lot of details.

The model has a detachable escape pod that fits a minifig of the Mandalorian. It also has three loading ramps and several panels that open to give access to the interior. Interior features include a reasonably detailed cockpit, the sleeping quarters and carbonite prisoners from 75292, a freezing "chamber" and a few spots to attach weapons and the jetpack.

I never managed to design good retractable landing gear, so I settled with detachable ones. These assemblies are simple but are able to hold the weight of the ship, though barely. A couple of the panels can't be opened while the ship is resting on the landing gear. It's a relatively sturdy model, with only the guns as "weak" points, and you may want to be careful with the top panel, as the windscreen can break away if you close it too strongly.

Instructions include a simple stand that lets it be displayed in a more dynamic position on a shelf. The model (with stand included) has 1769 parts and is a little over 1.3 kg (or 46.4oz), which makes it a bit too heavy to hold with one hand, unless you grab it from the bottom. Otherwise it's quite swooshable, particularly if you hold it by both engines.

Also note this wasn't particularly designed to make use of parts from set 75292. If you own the set and want to see what extra parts you'll need, make use of the Rebrickable feature that allows you to compare between parts lists. The most expensive part you'll need is the windscreen from 75292, but there are also a couple of old-style hinge plates in blue, that you can actually order in whatever color is cheaper and available, as they won't be visible.

For more pictures of the model, see here and here.

Type: MOC
Designer: Quarries Workshop Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Star Wars
Pieces: 1763
Year: 2024

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