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MOC-77927-1: Scaled Lego Horse

MOC-77927-1: Scaled Lego Horse

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With a recent GWP the free Lego buildable brick, I started to get into scaling up all sorts of Lego bricks and pieces and then found myself making larger Minifigs and Animals. This horse - some have called the Trojan Horse is a 3x scale of an original Lego Horse. The head moves just like the original. It has the removable 1x2 brick and 1x2 tile to complete the horse or you can build your own custom parts to go with it. The tail is also adjustable mainly due to the design of the original which has some curves in it. Great model to display on your desk, or bookshelf.

Type: MOC
Designer: KK_Bricks Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Castle
Pieces: 367
Year: 2021

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