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MOC-80955-1: The Ghost (VCX-100)

MOC-80955-1: The Ghost (VCX-100)

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Here are the instructions for The Ghost MOC from Star Wars: Rebels!

This VCX-100 freighter is my largest MOC to date, at 2358 parts. It is not exactly minifig scale, as a Ghost that size would be comparable to the UCS Millennium Falcon. It still has several interior spaces that can fit minifigs, and it's close to the play scale Millennium Falcon in proportions.

The model is sturdy and not too heavy to be played with, but also looks nice as a display piece (and is not too big to fit on a shelf). It has retractable landing gear and can be docked with a modified Phantom shuttle (free instructions available here).

This version was updated in 2023 with several improvements. You can read more about the improvements and see pictures here, here and here.

If you want to see how it looked like before the update, check here, here, here and here.

Type: MOC
Designer: Quarries Workshop Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Star Wars
Pieces: 2358
Year: 2021

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