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MOC-98071-1: Mars Rover #5 | Modular Mars

MOC-98071-1: Mars Rover #5 | Modular Mars

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Mars Rover #5 | modular mars

When we get to Mars one of the things we must not forget to bring with us is a space rover that will help us explore the red planet.
Our rover has 2 hands for collecting materials from the field, a head camera through which you can navigate the rover and of course solar panels in the back so that the battery does not run out :)

This model can connect to a number of other models I designed under the heading modular mars.

The model is built on a 16X16 plate and includes Mars Rover + 2 red stones on its sides.

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Type: MOC
Designer: gabizon Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Space
Pieces: 131
Year: 2022

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