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MOC-99417-1: Snake 31129 Alternative Build

MOC-99417-1: Snake 31129 Alternative Build

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Set 31129 brings us a variety of animals we can build, so I decided to add a little more to the variety.
This time I chose to design a snake model and the type I chose is a cobra.
The model is made up of 9 links that can move in all directions allowing you to arrange the snake in almost any position you want (even rotating it around your hand).
When the snake is stretched lengthwise it reaches a length of 44.3cm
In addition to this model you will find a small area of vegetation and in the middle of it is an egg that the snake really wants to eat, will it succeed? It's up to you :)

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Designer: gabizon Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Creator / Creator 3-in-1
Pieces: 338
Year: 2022

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