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MOC-135738-1: MAxi Figure Crusaider Leon

MOC-135738-1: MAxi Figure Crusaider Leon

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Crusaider Leon, grey flat broad brim helmet, red torso with Leon logo, blue legs with black hips and blue arms.
It is possible to complete the sculpture with pike, shield, pitchfork, bow and quiver, halberd or sword.

Starting from that project Lego 3723 set, I thought of developing and building more maxifigures. When you build them they are like bicksculptures: standing at ~50 cm (~20 inches) tall, arms can be positioned in severalpositions, hands can be rotatable and head can turn.

Type: MOC
Designer: Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Castle / Lion Knights
Pieces: 2245
Year: 2023

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