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MOC-67613-1: Great Hall & Staircase Tower Version 1.0

MOC-67613-1: Great Hall & Staircase Tower Version 1.0

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Hello everyone! This is my Hogwarts Great Hall and Staircase tower Moc! It is based on a combination of the Castle that is portrayed in the movies and has a ton of play features and easter eggs! I originally designed this to fit within the Harry Potter area of my Lego City, but after lots of requests I decided to make instructions for it! It was pretty hard to copy the physical model into Bricklink Studio, but it also allowed me to make it more complete as I could access a lot more bricks than I had in my own collection! This model is made with a combination of 3x Great Hall sets, 2 Clocktower sets, 1 Whomping Willow Set and a lot of Bricklink orders! It also uses a lot of older classic Harry Potter Parts which were unavailable on so I will still make a list of those parts! Be sure to check out my Instagram Page (@Brick__Sanchez) for some more pictures and videos of the features! I hope you will enjoy building this model and be sure to contact me for any further questions!

Type: MOC
Designer: Brick_Sanchez Instagram Rebrickable
Theme: Harry Potter
Pieces: 5605
Year: 2021

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